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A chiropractor can fix the problem of neck and back pain. Human neck is consists of seven small vertebral column and neck supports the all the weight of head. Commonly the weight of head is 10 to 12 pounds, which is very heavy if you consider the human neck is constantly supporting it. The neck also allows the human head to move nearly all the sides which adds more stress to the neck. This stress on human neck often results in stiffness. 

Neck and back pain perseverance for any period of time. You may starts to build up neurological problem indications. These problems are numbness, tingling, and you may feel needles and pins in your head. These neurological elements are usually the sings of worst neck condition. Medical doctors do not prevent the whole neck pain. 

So if you are facing these types of problems then you should consult to a good chiropractor Lexington ky. Some of the things which a chiropractor do when you first visit to him, he will ask you some basic questions and find out the exact cause of the pain problem. There are some questions he will ask to you about your neck pain, these are as follows. 

• His first question will be, when did your neck pain start?

• What have you done to prevent the pain of your neck?

• And third question he will ask to you isFree Articles, Are there any other body part that your neck pain stems and from?

A chiropractor Lexington ky ask you this type of few questions.