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One of the most unique aspects of chiropractics is that care can be administered without any surgery or drugs, and many patients see results. This can be especially helpful during pregnancy, as pregnant women are unable to take many types of medications, and are also not advised to have surgery. Therefore, if you are pregnant or plan to be soon, you should consider seeing a chiropractor during this major stage of life, as there are several benefits. It is obvious that the body gets out of alignment during pregnancy, as the abdomen protrudes greatly, causing the back to arch. The pelvis also slowly widens in preparation for labor and delivery, while the ligaments soften to make all these changes possible. Plus, most women gain 25 pounds or more, all in less than a year. It is no wonder that lower back pain is a common symptom among pregnant women. You only have a few medications available to you during this time, and many doctors tell their patients not to take any drugs at all. However, you do not have to suffer. You can see a chiropractor to find out your options, especially since most practitioners have a separate table that is meant to accommodate the shape of most mothers-to-be.Not only can you get rid of back and neck pain when you take this route, but you can also reduce other symptoms. For example, nausea can often be controlled by chiropractics, even when medications and home remedies do nothing. While nausea is common, if you cannot keep any food down, you put yourself and the baby at risk. If your doctor’s typical treatments do not work, seeing a chiropractor is encouraged, as properly aligning the body can control nausea. One of the most important results of chiropractic care is the ability to improve the experience of labor and delivery by ensuring that the baby is where he needs to be. A misaligned pelvis makes it likely that the baby will run out of room to properly grow, so you might restrict his birth weight. Allowing your pelvis to stay misaligned can also increase your chances of needing a cesarean delivery since the baby is not able to get into the proper position for a regular birth. If you want to reduce your need for surgery during labor and delivery, and you want to ensure that your baby’s growth is not restricted by the position of your pelvis, you should consider see a chiropractor during pregnancy. You may be able to get a referral from your regular doctor, or you can just choose to go to a chiropractic office when the standard route of treatment is not working. Many chiropractors offer a free initial consultation so that they can explain the benefits for your particular situation. Consider setting up this meeting to find out more about how this practice can help you, and then call your insurance provider to find out if they cover chiropractic care, as not all providers do.

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