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The natural tendency is to ask friends, family or co-workers for a recommendation when looking for anything from a mechanic to a doctor. In some cases, we might be quite lucky and find that the recommended professional is also able to answer our particular needs. What happens, when the recommended professional doesn’t turn out to be quite what we expected? This is a serious question when looking for any health physician and a Chiropractor is surely one professional that you will want to choose with great care.Obviously opening the yellow pages might be a mix bag or good, bad and ugly. You’ll need a little more of a plan in finding your Chiropractor.So where do you start in your quest for the ideal Chiropractor that can suit your specific needs:* First and far most do a phone interview. Take time out to interview your prospective chiropractor. If the doctor is not available when you call, then arrange a time when you can speak to the doctor. Take note of the doctors communication skills, he should be comfortable to speak with and eager to answer your questions.* All depending on the seriousness or extremity of your condition, you may need to see the chiropractor several times before your condition can be relieved. This is a good reason to choose a chiropractor that is located within a reasonable driving distance with hours that suit your schedule. It’s important to have a chiropractor that you can rely on to get into fairly quickly without having to wait months for an appointment.* During your first visit to the office make sure to take a good pulse on the situation and assess your general impression. All doctor’s office should have a clean and professional appearance. The office staff should be able to treat you with the courtesy, respect and professionalism that are expected of a medical establishment.* Your Chiropractor should be able to provide a clear and concise explanation of his/her diagnosis that makes sense and that is easy for you to understand. The doctor should be able to explain your problem, treatment options and customize a treatment plan that you are able to understand. If he/she is unable to do this, then he/she is not the right doctor for you and you should keep looking until you find him/her.* The length of treatment varies with each individual; this is why it’s so important to do your own extensive research and interviews before settling with a particular chiropractor. It’s really worth taking the time and effort.

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