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During the holiday season, it is increasingly likely that you or someone
you know will need to seek chiropractic care for a back injury.

Because the holiday season gives us multiple opportunities for back
injuries, we are more likely to seek the help of a chiropractor.
Opportunities like playing tag football with the family or lifting heavy
boxes for wrapping or trimming the tree put our back in prime position
for injury.

Although there are many preventative measures a person can take to
assure their back is safe, disaster can still strike at any time. It is
still important to seek out ways to keep your back healthy. One of the
best ways to prevent back pain and injury is good, old-fashioned

Studies show that regular exercise, that combines safe weight training
and cardio workouts, is the best back injury prevention. Chiropractic
care becomes less and less necessary for those that are doing their best
to stay healthy and in-shape. Make sure you check with a doctor before
starting any new weight training or cardio exercise regime.

Excess weight can also cause back problems. Packing on pounds during the
holiday season is a sure way to insure an expensive ticket to your
doctor or chiropractor. Find healthy ways to celebrate at parties by not
overeating. Perhaps have a meal before the party so you don’t arrive at
the snack table hungry. Choose vegetables and crackers over heavy
cheese dips and meatballs.

Being careful during the celebrations can mean more than just watching
what you eat. Many times, if people over do it on drinks and dancing at
the office party, they will find themselves in a pinch the next morning.
The pinch can mean more than just a hangover and feeling sheepish.
Doing too much carousing can cause a pinched vertebrae or pulled muscle.

One other chiropractic care technique that you can do on your own time
this holiday season is something you can do at the office. When you are
sitting at your desk, make sure the chair you have chosen for yourself
supports your back and the curve of your spine. You will also want to be
sure you can rest your feet on the floor comfortable. Even if you chair
fits this criteria, make sure you get up and walk around every 20
minutes or so.

With just a touch of prevention you can keep your back healthy and pain
free. Stretching is a good supplement to exercise or weight training if
you have a few spare moments. Whatever you do, make sure you are working
to keep your back and your body in good shape. Talk to your doctor or
chiropractor about other chiropractic care techniques you can do at

Chiropractic care this season is as much about keeping yourself out of
the chiropractor’s office as it is about enjoying your time in the
office. Everyone is busy during the holidays and the last thing you want
to do is spend a shopping day laying flat on your back.

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