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Patients who are suffering from back pain take over the treatment of medication all the time to overcome the back pain. A chiropractor offers certain treatments of care for most of the patients who are suffering from continual back and neck pain problem. These different therapies do not include any antibiotics and drugs medicine. Most of the patients take some kind of pain killer to overcome the pain of back and neck. And those patients go to the physicians to fix their back pain Lexington ky problems. Most of the doctors and physicians give the drugs and antibiotics to overcome the pain. The pain killers drugs temporary fix the pain problem and after some time the back pain or neck pain occurs again. When a chiropractor meets the patient who has back or neck problem, he will ask you some questions to get information and find out the source of your problem. When he discuss all the aspects with you he is going to do your full examine through X-rays and MRI, and then the Chiropractor Lexington ky find out the root cause problem. Many chiropractors use topical rubs and ointments for minor back pain problems. This is very economical and affordable. You can purchase Icy hot or Myoflex these two things only give you minimum pain relief. Chiropractor Lexington ky use roll on rub thing, which is apply straight on the muscles of joints. 

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