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It’s possible to suffer from auto accident injuries in Naples, FL that you do not know about until it is too late. Soft tissue injuries or whiplash may not present pain or problems with motion until weeks or even years later, long after you have settled your case. Once you have settled, you can no longer pursue damages for medical expenses to treat injuries that over time could become quite severe and debilitating.Receiving chiropractic care and treatment for debilitating auto accident injuries in Naples, FL may be essential in order to prevent progressive corollary injuries that follow the path of a vicious cycle. While you may not be feeling anything due to a soft tissue injury that usually is undiagnosed by triage doctors at the emergency room, as well as by family physicians, but as your injury is left untended you may begin to experience symptoms eventually. Many people who have suffered auto accident injuries in Naples, FL report that over time they feel less like themselves, less like they did before the incident occurred.Some of the symptoms may include extreme tension and stiffness in muscle trigger points, the inability to move the neck in its full range of motion due to severe pain; neck and back pain between the shoulder, along the spine or lower back and legs; tingling sensations and occasional numbness; headaches, the development of symptoms of arthritis, fatigue, and depression.But even if you suffer from auto accident injuries in Naples, FL that are undetected and that do not present any immediate symptoms, if the joints and discs in your spine and injured and damaged, they will begin to degenerate and form scar tissue that over time will produce back pain and change the appearance of your posture. One of the causes of osteoarthritis is attributed to undetected injuries to the spine that degenerate slowly over a long period of time, untreated.Often, if injured victims complain of back pain, a medical doctor will prescribe medication or “muscle relaxants” to deal with the pain alone, but this does not address the structural damage that may be present in your vertebral column, neck, back or spine. It merely masks pain. Even muscle relaxants do not actually relax your muscles; rather, they help to block pain signals that are sent to the brain to signify pain.For these reasons, it is important to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor before you settle an injury case to be sure that you have not sustained any insured to your neck, back or spine.

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