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Different types of therapies are used by a chiropractor such as spinal decompression therapy and herniated disc treatment etc. A person who is a chiropractor lexington ky has many characteristics such as the way to check a patient, to choose the methods to achieve their goals, the method of treatment, the practice they make to handle their workload, the contributions they do towards their healthcare and the conclusions they make.A survey has been conducted to visit different characteristics of a chiropractor. Such as it is the characteristic of chiropractors that they usually have age 42 to 47 with full experience an after internship. Most of the chiropractors surveyed were male but only a few are females which were message therapists. Some of the chiropractors along with their own profession also worked in another profession such as nursing, physical therapists etc. the study of chiropractors is post graduate.Most of the people usually visit a chiropractor then that of an ordinary doctor as chiropractors are mostly involved in higher practice. Most of the people are attacked by the back pain lexington ky and neck pain at the time of movement. Chiropractor uses different methods to give comfort to the patient such as spinal decompression therapy, nutrition and exercise etc. different types of studies have been done to find out the characteristics of a chiropractor. It is also the characteristic of a chiropractor that how effectively he examines his patient.

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