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1. You Have Been In A Car Accident

It can take days for the symptoms of car accident injuries to appear, and if not addressed soon by a physical medicine specialist such as a chiropractor, then long term loss of function can result. Do yourself a favor and visit your Portland Chiropractor as soon as possible after your auto accident injury.

2. You’re In Pain

Any type of pain is a good reason to visit a chiropractor. Whether it is from an injury, a chronic pain, or pain of unknown origin, your Portland Chiropractor can diagnose the cause of your pain and offer a natural solution.

3. Sore or Stiff Joints

This often happens when muscles or joints are overworked or poorly coordinated and wind up getting injured. Visit Your Portland Chiropractor to get the cause of your soreness and stiffness identified and corrected.

4. You Are Contemplating Surgery

If you have intractable low back pain or another condition for which surgery has been recommended, visit your Portland Chiropractor for a second opinion. It isn’t uncommon for surgeries to make the condition worse, even when the surgeon had high expectations going into the surgery. Chiropractic has helped numerous patients avoid these kinds of surgeries.

5. You Want To Perform Better Athletically

Many famous athletes know the value of having a chiropractor on their team. Your Portland Chiropractor can help you reach your athletic potential with physical medicine, supplements, and lifestyle advice.

6. You Have High Blood Pressure

Research has shown that a single chiropractic treatment of chiropractic care can offer long-term reductions in blood pressure without medications. Diet, lifestyle, and supplement advice can also be offered by your Portland Chiropractor that can reduce your need for high blood pressure medications.

7. You’d Rather Have A Non-Drug Solution

Chiropractic offers non-drug healthcare Your Portland Chiropractor can help you to live without relying on medications.

8. Increase Your Overall Health

Chiropractors do more than “crack backs”. We are physicians and health expertsthat help our patients in many ways, including improving immune function, losing excess weight, and improving chronic conditions such as asthma and thyroid problems.

9. You Have A Chronic Condition

Medications and surgeries are state-of-the-art for acute conditions, but if you have a chronic condition, such as asthma or arthritis, then chiropractic may be a complementary choice. Visit your Portland Chiropractor to discuss your condition.

10. You Like To Be Natural

Chiropractic is a non-drug system of healthcare. Through the use of diet, lifestyle, supplements, chiropractic manipulation, and other modalitiesFeature Articles, we can help our patients get results in even the toughest cases.