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A Naperville Chiropractor typically uses a “hands on” chiropractic
care to treat conditions related to back pains or neck pains. One of
the treatments is manual manipulating and spinal manipulation. This
involves applying a high-velocity, short lever arm thrust to any
abnormal vertebra with the aim of decreasing nerve irritability,
improving functionality, and restoring motion range in the back. Manual
manipulation is also referred to as chiropractic adjustment.
Chiropractic treatment for back pains has support from firm literature.
Many of the guidelines that are in publication recommend it to be
included in the plan for treatment early during the care of back pains.

Another treatment used by Naperville Chiropractors
is chiropractic mobilization. This refers to low velocity movement,
manipulation and stretching of the joints and muscles, with the aim of
enhancing the motion range within those areas.

A majority
of clinics run by a Naperville chiropractor offer a wide variety of
health services apart from manual manipulation. One of such services
involves physical therapy modalities. In numerous chiropractic
practices, numerous equipment types are used the likes of electrical
stimulation, ultrasound, and traction equipment. These equipment are
applied with the aim of reducing back inflammation and pain.

Various stretching, cardiovascular and strengthening exercises may be
recommended by Naperville chiropractors to increase strength, lower back
pain, as well as restore motion range. For instance, they may prescribe
exercises that inhibit overactive muscles while strengthening the under
active ones. This is with the aim of attaining a balanced structure and
muscle balance. In addition, a Naperville chiropractor may prompt
patients to perform exercises that stretch the overactive tight muscles
while at the same time strengthening the under active and weak ones of
the pelvis and trunk.

Pelvic stabilization is also part of
the additional treatment offered by Naperville chiropractors. When a
patient is suffering from subtalar instability or flat feet, a
Naperville chiropractor may fit a shoe heel lift on the leg side that is
shorter. Alternatively, he may recommend corrective arch supports aimed
at stabilizing the pelvis. He may also, while in the course of the
chiropractic care, recommend some procedures to be employed when the
patient leaves the clinic.

A Naperville chiropractor may
offer advice on possible lifestyle modifications to the patient
suffering from lower back pain. These modifications may include
nutritional and diet programs as well as strategies for self-care and
coping, it is worth noting that Naperville chiropractors do not utilize
surgery or drugs in their practice. HoweverFree Web Content, a time comes when they will
recommend that the patient consult other practitioners if such
treatment methods are necessary.