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Dr. Marco
Caruso’s Spine Care facility in Scarsdale New York NY specializes in spinal
disc decompression therapy for neck pain, lower back pain management, leg pain
relief and treatment of sciatica. Call us at 914-961-7575.

If you have been in an accident, suffered an injury or
experience chronic back, neck or leg pain your regular physician may prescribe
drugs that may make you drowsy and tired or may even recommend to seek the
advice of a surgeon. However, before you decide to take drugs or go under the
knife, consult the Tuckahoe chiropractor professionals at Spine Care.


Dr. Caruso of Spine Care may be able to help you return to
your pain-free condition by using spinal decompression therapy.  This type of treatment is not just about a
one time fix but about repeated treatments to realign your spine, relieve the
pressure on your disks and retain the most comfortable and beneficial body


Tuckahoe chiropractic professionals will usually start the
first consultation with an x-ray that could reveal the location of the
misalignment or the bulging or herniated disk or disks. They will recommend the
most beneficial course of treatment for your condition and will assure that you
are able to resume your regular activities free of pain.


The professionals at Spine Care address the underlying cause
of your pain by identifying which specific part of the spine has been
incorrectly repositioned following strain or damage. The treatments at your
Tuckahoe chiropractor are painless and relaxing and you will leave the office
feeling invigorated.


Find relief from pain with treatments from Tuckahoe
chiropractor at Spine Care and return your body to its optimal posture, free of
pain and full of renewed energy.

Here is what Maryann from Dobbs Ferry in Westchester County had to say:

“I’ve suffered from back pain at
least four years. I was formally a carpenter…and now I’m retired. Before
coming to Dr. Caruso I did physical therapy, which I couldn’t complete. I did
acupuncture, which helped a little bit. I went for a year getting shots in my
back, which I became immune to, which no longer helped and my last resort was
Dr. Caruso before getting an operation. Dr. Caruso suggested that I go into his
SpineMED program…From then I’ve been progressively and am very well. I have
no pain…I’m doing all the activities I’ve done before my back pain started.
The overall experience is the best experience I’ve had…I can function without
any pain.”

You can see the video testimonial here:

In January 2002, Dr. Caruso was one of the first chiropractors to introduce
this breakthrough technology to Westchester County. Since then, Dr. Caruso’s
Scarsdale, NY based facility, Spine CareBusiness Management Articles, has established a unique precedent
with the success of pre and post MRI scans. His impressive results have now
inspired a large network of referring physicians and chiropractors (throughout
Westchester County and Manhattan) who work closely with Dr. Caruso.