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Are you dealing with foot pain that refuses to subside on its own? Consider seeing a foot chiropractor, who can help in reducing the dependency on medications.

Did you know that each foot has 26 bones? So with 206 bones in your body, over 25% of your bones are in your feet. Any kind of ankle or foot injury or misalignment can cause pain and discomfort. If the pain is related to misalignment of the muscles, bones, and tissues, you should see a foot chiropractor. Below are some noteworthy facts.

Understanding Foot Pain

You might have pain in any part of your foot. Some patients have frequent pain on the bottom of their feet. If the pain is sudden and severe, doctors may suggest insoles or a custom orthotic for relief, especially if there is a sprain or unexpected pain that’s related to foot movement. In case you have foot pain, you need to identify the cause. Runners, athletes, and people with an active lifestyle may have foot pain at different points of time, while other contributing factors include obesity, improper posture, diabetes, and issues with shoes and other footwear. If you know the reason, talk to your doctor, who might suggest appropriate care. Or you can contact a foot chiropractor directly for help.

Can Chiropractors Cure Foot Pain?

A foot chiropractor has the required experience and expertise to deal with foot and ankle pain. He or she will perform orthopedic tests and appropriate diagnostics to rule out things like a fracture which are likely in the case of sudden injuries. When the pain is related posture and obesity, he or she might suggest a care plan. If the pain is chronic and related to some other conditions (called co-morbidities), your recovery will take longer.

Things to Note

Chiropractors use a hands-on approach for aligning the bones, muscles, nerves and tissues of the foot, and in some cases, adjust the foot bones. Please note that alternative therapies and care used for your case will vary depending on the diagnosis and experience of the chiropractor. For athletes, they may use different techniques for treatment, so as to accelerate the healing process and decrease downtime.

If you need to know more, make an appointment with a clinic near you. Ask questions about the experience and credentials of the concerned foot chiropractor.

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