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Chiropractic care is an area of medicine centered on the spine. The
alternative field believes and treats based on the idea that the nervous
system controls all other parts of the body, and that rather than
treating a symptom like a headache or an allergy, that most ailments can
be cured by the right vertebral adjustment. There are several reasons
one might be inclined to book an appointment with a chiropractor in lieu
of a traditional physician.

To begin, these “spine” doctors are considered general physicians, and
because of this classification, it may not be as difficult to get a
health care referral to one of these doctors as you may think. Rather
than starting with your primary care physician when you are considering
such therapy, you should give the specialist’s front office a call
first. They may be able to tell you how to more efficiently navigate the
insurance process; you may not even need a referral depending on your
health care plan.

If you have seen your regular doctor for an ailment or illness that
medication does not seem to help, you are a great candidate for a
consultation. Because of the misunderstanding that you must have some
type of injury – perhaps from a work or car accident – in order to
benefit from the services of one of these alternative specialists, it is
often times not mentioned or suggested as a part of your care plan. Ask
your doctor, or consult your insurance list of approved providers for a
list of accepted providers, and make an inquisitive call yourself. You
may qualify for a free consultation.

Other than having been injured in some kind of accident, there are
several other common reasons that people seek this kind of care. It is
believed, in this field of medicine, that the spine is connected by the
nervous system to all parts of the body. Therefore, ailments that do
not seem to be related to the back such as headaches, allergies, or
fatigue can be cured by making the proper spinal adjustments.

For back pain and sciatica, the doctor can work with you to improve
posture, alignment, and overall spine health that will lessen or cure
the associated pain and numbness. When your spine is not in alignment,
it causes the nervous system to send mixed signals to the rest of the
body, and a plethora of other pains, aliments, and conditions are
approached everyday by these doctors.

Conditions such as cerebral palsy, fibromyalgia, fatigue, and carpal
tunnel syndrome are commonly addressed, treated, and even cured by
spinal realignments and on-going therapy provided by a licensed
chiropractor. If you have any chronic condition that medication and
other therapies have not seemed to help, or if you have a new condition
that you want to have addressed, consider booking a consultation with a

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